Brand new product

Ninebot F65
Travel the whole city with more comfort


Super long range


Max. Speed


Max. Power


Ultra-wide footboard

lighting system

Front and rear direction indicator
2.1W built-in LED light

pneumatic tires

Better stability,
better adaptability

Double breaking system

Front drum brake + rear E-ABS brake


Water resistance

Ride fast, ride freely

The exceptional power of the F65 enables you to whiz through town at the top speed of 25km/h and helps you conquer up to 20% grade slope.

Provides more space for your free ride

Special ergonomic design for the tall riders.
Classic black combining bright orange element design
perfectly presents sport and fashion style.

Wider footboard makes you a smooth trip!

All-new 522*210mm ultra-wide footboard with more space
for your feet, gives you more stable and comfortable
riding experience.

Compact and Robust

Steel frame, high-tenacity structure Maximum load
is increased to 120KG.

Extended long range to cover city commute

Ride up to 65 km on a single charge, thanks to the
12000mAh (561Wh) large battery with a dynamic power supply.
F65 will take you to easier commutes and further adventures.

The simplest charger you may ever see

With the built-in fast charger, you only need
one cable and about 5 hours for full charge.

Ride with smart BMS, ride with protection

The Smart Battery Management System (BMS) closely monitors the battery status with
six-protection mechanism to ensure battery safety.

Double security, simple maintenance

Front drum brake + rear E-ABS electronic brake, double braking system can shorten
the braking distance to ensure safe stopping.

Ride over obstacles, stopped by none

Equipped with 10-inch pneumatic tires, F65 provides better durability and adaptability for complex road conditions. You will enjoy a safe riding without worrying about tire punctures.

Anti-skid treat tires for better grip

Equipped with 10-inch Improved water channeling performance with specially designed tread; diamond patterns on the tire shoulder prevent sideslip.

Be seen at night, stay safe on the road

2.1W front light illuminates the path ahead of you.
Enjoy your ride in days and nights.

Protect you on every turn you take

Front and rear direction indicator, 180° visible from both front and back.
The tail light will blink to alert others and ensure your safety.

One clear display, three flexible modes

Clear LED dashboard, real-time display of speed and battery.

Take full control with smart APP

Easy folding, easy life

Easily folded in 3 steps,
a perfect solution for carrying and storage.

The excellence is in the details

Ergonomic handle grip
Thick silicon foot pad


Model F65
Dimesions (L*W*H) 1196*569*1237mm
Folded (L*W*H) 1196*569*540mm
Speed Limit 25km/h
Max. Slope(75KG) 20%
Battery Nominal Capacity 561Wh
Motor Nominal Voltage 48V
Typical Range[1] Approx. 65km
Working Condition Range[2] Approx. 50km
Charging Time Approx. 5h
Tire Type Pneumatic tires
Tire Size 10 Inch
Power Rear wheel drive,400W
Max.Power 700W
IP Rating IPX5
Lighting 2.1W LED
Tail Light E/K-Mark certification
Direction Indicator Yes
Payload 120kg
Weight 21.8kg
Brake Front drum break + rear electronic brake

Typical Range: tested while riding with a full battery, 75 kg (165 lbs) load, 25°C (77°F), at the speed of 18 km/h (11.2 mph) on average on pavement. * Some of the factors that affect range include speed, number of starts and stops, ambient temperature, etc.


Working Condition Range: tested with 75 kg (165 lbs) load, 25°C (77°F), at the speed by simulating the actual road (including the times of acceleration and deceleration during riding) on pavement.

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