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C Series

Kickscooter C8 & C10
Kickscooter C20

Suggestions on Purchase of
Ninebot eKickscooter & Kickscooter

* The applicable age and height are for reference only, please choose the appropriate product according to the actual riding experience.
6 years old
7 years old
8 years old
9 years old
10 years old
11 years old
12 years old
13 years old
14 years old
C20 is for kids with a height of 140-180cm
C10 is for kids with a height of 130-160cm
C8 is for kids with a height of 115-145cm


Product name Kickscooter C8 Kickscooter C10 Kickscooter C20
Net weight Approx. 7.9kg Approx. 8.1kg Approx. 10.6kg
Size Approx. 800*350*850mm Approx. 800*400*950mm Approx. 920*400*1020mm
Handlebar height Approx. 850mm Approx. 950mm Approx. 1020mm
Max. load 50kg 50kg 75kg
Applicable age 6-12 years old 8-14 years 10+ years
Applicable height 15-145cm 130-160cm 140-180cm
Max. speed 16km/h 18km/h 20km/h
Typical endurance * About 10km About 20km
Applicable terrain Cement and asphalt pavement, flat soil pavement with steps of 1cm or less, 3cm wide trenches or smaller
Charging time About 2.5~3 hours About 5 hours
Rated capacity 2500 mAh / 54 Wh 5000 mAh / 108 Wh
Smart BMS Overheating/short circuit/overcurrent and overcharge protection, etc.
Rated power 120W 150W
Maximum power 180W 260W
Tire material Front and rear wheels: solid rubber tires Solid rubber tire
Braking Mechanical handbrake
Pedal material Sandpaper Silicone
Atmosphere lamp No Chassis atmosphere lamp

* Notes: 1. Typical Range*: It is tested when the battery is fully charged and the scooter is running at a constant speed (60% of the maximum speed) with a 50kg load at an ambient temperature of 25°C on a level road. The actual endurance mileage is related to the load, temperature, speed, pavement and other factors.

2. All product pictures displayed on the whole website are schematic diagrams of structures and functions instead of products in kind. They are for reference only, and the actual product will prevail eventually.

3. It is recommended to ride the KickScooter only on flat hard roads, without obstacles or other pavements unsuitable for riding (including but not limited to slippery grounds, loose sand, gravel ground and ice surface). In the event of special pavements such as speed bumps and pits, please keep a medium or low speed (5-10km/h) and slightly bend your needs to better adapt to such complex pavements.

4. Refer to local traffic regulations for specific road rules. It is recommended to ride the KickScooter on loop roads (e.g. roads in communities, parks and special venues).

Ninebot KickScooter

C8 / C10

Brand-new electric operation for more fun

Meticulous design

Dedicated to teenagers

Outstanding appearance

Debut in the central role

Electric operation

Funnier driving experience

Internal contracting brake

Safety guarantee at all times

Ultra-light body

Easy to carry

Fast charging

Free riding within 10km

Please choose
a more advanced toy for your child
This more intelligent high-tech product is conducive to training children’s balance and control capabilities due to two wheels instead of three wheels.
Brand new electric operation | Easier to use
Three modes are free to choose, pull the wind youth to experience speed and passion.
Safe mode
Suitable for beginners to learn how to use it in a safe state
(speed limit: 10km/h).
Flash quickly along with “beep-beep-beep” sound
Turbo mode
Suitable for experienced beginners. Enable the accelerator
to enjoy a comfortable and light-hearted riding.
Normally ON, along with “beep” sound
Cruise mode
Suitable for skilled users. Stomp on the ground gently to start riding and
continuously to speed up instead of operating the accelerator, so that
children can enjoy both sliding and riding.
Flash slowly along with “beep-beep” sound

Meticulous design
Dedicated to teenagers

Ergonomic considerations for children
Low pedal, small-grip handbrake, and non-angular and streamlined curved body, suitable for children aged 6-14.
Small-grip handbrake
Ultra-low pedal
Outstanding appearance
Debut in the central role
Lightweight body, fashionable and lively color, and dynamic handlebar, making users attractive in streets.
Colorful atmosphere lamp
Cool light effect
* The chassis atmosphere lamp is available on C10 only and not on C8.
Safe and reliable for worry-free riding

Handbrake & internal contracting brake system
Safety guarantee at all times

The mechanical handbrake and internal contracting brake used are durable and reliable, and its built-in switch sensor is capable of detecting braking actions in a real-time manner and quickly cutting off the power output, making braking easier and more timely.

Double-tube frame design
Simple and stable triangular structure

The frame is made of high-tenacity steel, robust and durable, with a static load up to 300kg. It has also passed the rigorous 1000km riding durability test, leading to a steady riding.

Highly elastic rubber tires
Wear-resistant, pneumatic-free, puncture-free

The new tire compound and tread pattern have better performance in shock absorption, grip and slip resistance, to adapt to various roads.
Gentle slope
Small obstacle
Optimized algorithm and thoughtful design
Guarantee for beginners
Due to the carefully optimized algorithm, the motor will not be started until the riding speed is 3km/h or greater,
thus avoiding the danger of unexpected touch by children.
7.9Kg ultra-lightweight body, easy to carry
The scooter can be disassembled in 3 seconds and easily collected without taking up too much space.
* The net weight varies depending on models. The actual net weight will prevail.

High-performance lithium-ion battery
Sufficient power

High-rate lithium battery
Charging time
Typical endurance mileage

Brushless and sensorless
hub motor

Simple and reliable structure, quick and timely response,
and sufficient power.

Rated power

Battery management
system (BMS)

With close monitoring of the battery working status at all times, the product is provided with multiple protections against overcharge, overdischarge, overheating, overcurrent, etc.

Experience in safety management of lithium batteries

Dedicated to detail and ingenuity

Integrated DIP switch More convenient to control and easier to use
TPR grip Comfortable feeling and easy to clean
Wide mudguard No mud-related trouble

Ninebot KickScooter


Demonstrate a street trend Small-sized,
lightweight and exquisite
Mini and charming
·Cool Girl style·

Red and gray contrast

The contrast of classic modern gray and grapefruit red of Morandi color system is shining and trendy.

Flexible travel through streets
You are the focus of trend


Ultra-light body


Electric/Power modes

Electric mode

Eye-catching in streets
Dazzling like a show
Color breathing light

Power mode

Easy sliding through crowds
Small structure
Excellent Material and Capability
For your safety
Hand brake
Safe and stable
Small brake opening for girls
Highly elastic and wear-resistant solid tire
Inflation-free and blowout-free
7-inch tire
Gentle slope
Small obstacle
Brushless and Hallless hub motor
Powerful, durable and reliable
The brushless and Hallless technology can avoid Hall failure of the motor.
The pancake-shaped motor has high power, low heat radiation and stronger heat dissipation capacity.
BMS dual technical guarantee
Reliable performance
300 million
Lithium battery safety management experience

Performance after 5 year:
not less than 70% of that of a new scooter
Battery life: more than twice that of ordinary batteries


Typical Range

1. The Ninebot scooter is tested by charging and discharge twice a week and 100 times a year.

2. It is compared with ordinary lead-acid batteries.

Exquisite details

sandblast coating

Outstanding trendy texture

TPR polymer grip

Soft to protect your hands

Silicone foot pad

Environmentally friendly, durable,
dirt-resistant and non-slip

Equipped with bells

Turn to ring for safety

Ninebot Kickscooter C8/C10/C20 shot