eKickScooter A6

Fantastic electric power.
More amazing.

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Upgrade from
three to two wheels

Exercise of children’s balance
and control capabilities

Electric power

Easy and amazing sliding

Solid and stable

Long-term use

Cool glow system

You are the protagonist

Smart pedal sensor

Automatic user detection

Small and lightweight

Easy to carry outdoors and collect at home


“My scooter is funnier.”

Electric power
Easy and interesting sliding

The smart upgrade from three to two wheels is conducive to exercising children’s balance and control capabilities.
Due to the smart electric power algorithm, the more force is applied, the speed is higher.
Children can enjoy funny sliding.


“I am the most attractive.”

Cool glow system
More eye-catching


“No more worry about using the scooter.”

Standing detection by smart sensor,
Immediate running and stop

Once you step on the smart pedal switch, the scooter will be powered on, and you can apply force on pedal to start sliding.
This is consistent with children’s desire for immediate sliding. Once you step down, the power output will be cut off.
So, the scooter is easier and safer to control.

Two optional speeds
Safe for children

Children of different ages and control capabilities can enable the appropriate speed to explore pleasure.

8 km/h
Level 1
10 km/h
Level 2

Solid and stable
Use for several years

The high-carbon steel frame features high toughness, large load-bearing capacity, lightweight
structure, and high durability, which can be used for a long time without deformation.

Rear mudguard as foot brake
Step on it to stop the scooter

It is easy to operate by foot and can be used for braking and deceleration.
Due to timely braking, the scooter is safer for children.

BMS management system
Experience in management
of 300 million batteries

Always monitor the working status of the battery, and provide multiple protections
against over-charge, over-discharge, overheat, over-current, etc.

300 million

Lithium battery safety management experience


“Comfortable for children.”

About 4.6kg
Small and lightweight

The body is easy and lightweight, which can be carried by a child and does not take too much space at home.


ultra-low pedal

Easy and steady sliding


TPR grip

Care for tender skin

Wear-resistant PU front wheel
Highly elastic rubber rear wheel
Wear-resistant, shock-absorbing and

Inflation-free and adaptive to various roads, with little bump feeling during use.

Cement pavement
Asphalt pavement
Stone pavement
Soil pavement

Product parameters

Product name
Ninebot eKickScooter
Product model
Product weight
Approx. 4.6kg
Product size
Approx. 650 × 320 × 850mm
Up to 40kg
Applicable age
4-8 years old
Applicable height
Typical Range*
Approx. 5km (30 minutes)
Motor type
Brushless and Hallless hub motor
Rated power
Maximum power
Braking mode
Rear mudguard foot brake
Tire material
Front wheel: PU perfusion tire; Rear wheel: Solid rubber tire

* 1. Typical Range: It is tested when the battery is fully charged and the scooter is running at a constant speed (60% of the maximum speed) with a 30kg load at an ambient temperature of 25°C on a level road. The actual battery life is related to the load, temperature, speed, pavement and other factors.

2. When this product is used for the first time, the default will be enabled. The speed mode enabled before the previous shutdown will be automatically kept in the memory.

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