Ninebot KickScooter F Series

Function Fashion Fun

(F20A/ F30/ F30A/ F40/ F40A)


10-inch Pneumatic Tire


Easy to carry


Quick Folding System


2.5W Built-In LED Lights

The Ninebot KickScooter F series is feature rich yet cost effective and offer everything you need in one product: an extended 40km range, a max speed of 30km/h, large 10” tires, foldable design and Bluetooth security lock to keep your Kickscooter safe.

*The 40km range and 30km/h featured here are for the Ninebot F40.
10" tires 0

Comfortable, smooth and easy to cross

Resilient frame

Tough, durable, excellent bearing capacity

Motor life increased to 3,000h

1 hour per day, useful for at least 8 years

Two-wheel brakes Electronic brake + Disc brake

0.1s response, fast and stable braking

Water-breaking non-slip tread

No skid on wet road

High-cycle Li-ion cell

Performance not lower than 70% of new
vehicles after 5 years


10" highly elastic tires

Make it easier to ride over obstacles, and give you a smoother ride.
Cross 5cm high speed bumps easily without stopping, so you don’t have to worry about bumpy gravel roads and numb hands.

Industry-leading anti-puncture comfortable tire

Make it easier to ride over obstacles,
and give you a smoother ride.
Low rolling resistance, wear-resistant tread.
Puncture resistance
Innovative polymer cord ply.
Increased inflation.

* Improved durability and puncture resistance: compared with ordinary tires on the market;
  Improved comfort: compared with 9" pneumatic tires.

Water-channeling non-slip tread No skid on wet road

Single-guide tread provides low resistance and improves water channeling performance;
The central grooves create uniform pressure and are designed to better channel water away;
Diamond pattern on the tire shoulder prevents sideslip.
* The tire design can be applied to wet and slippery roads, but it is not
  recommended to ride on slippery roads.

Resilient carbon
structural steel frame

Tough and durable
Remain stable with a load of 100kg

Elevated Riding Experience

The exceptional speed of the F series enables you to whiz through town.

The F30 delivers a speed up to 25km/h and the F40 reaches a max speed of up to 30km/h.
The 350W output provides plenty of torque-on-demand, helping you conquer up to 20%* grade slope.

*20% grade slope can be achieved with the F40

Outstanding Mobility

Equipped with a high capacity battery, the F30 delivers a 30km range
and the F40, up to a 40km range on a single charge.

Get ready for new adventures and easier commutes.

Three Riding Modes
Easily switch between the three riding modes, Eco, Standard, and Sports with two clicks on the intuitive LED dashboard, allowing you to ride the way you want.
Regenerative Braking System
The F Series has a regenerative braking system that turns the scooter into an electric vehicle powered by electricity and recycled energy from riding. Energy will be collected from regenerative braking and distributed when you need a boost.
Bluetooth Connectivity
Connect the F Series with the Segway-Ninebot app via Bluetooth to monitor your riding status and data, lock your kickscooter and upgrade the firmware and enhance the overall riding experience.
Built-In Front LED Light
Equipped with an upgraded 2.5w high-brightness LED light designed to illuminate the path ahead of you and increase your visibility to others around you.
Exceptional product details
Any destination you desire effortlessly
Compact and easy to store
Equipped with a LED display Real-time display of battery level Quick speed switch
Eco mode
F20A/ F30/ F30A/ F40/ F40A: 15km/h
Extended range
Suitable for low battery
Standard mode
F20A/ F30/ F30A/ F40A: 25km/h
F40: 30km/h
A perfect balance between
speed and battery life
Suitable for daily travel
Sport mode
F20A/ F30/ F30A/ F40A: 25km/h
F40: 30km/h
Faster climbing capability
Suitable for slopes, step slopes

Mobile APP
Provide more functions, share life

Vehicle status
Cycling record
Social circle
Energy recovery

F20A & F30 & F30A & F40 & F40A
Parameters Comparison

Model F20A F30 F30A F40 F40A
Dimension Vehicle: 1143×480×1160mm; Folding size: 1143×480×495mm
Net weight 14.5 kg 15.1 kg 15.2 kg 15.8 kg 15.9 kg
Payload 30 - 100 kg 30 - 120 kg
Age 14 - 60 years
Height 120 - 200 cm
Max. Speed Approx. 25 km/h Approx. 30 km/h Approx. 25 km/h
Typical Range* Approx. 20 km Approx. 30 km Approx. 40 km
Operating condition Range Approx. 14 km Approx. 23 km Approx. 29 km
Nominal Power 250 W 300 W 350 W
Tire 10-inch pneumatic tires
Intelligent BMS Over-heating, short circuit, over-current, over-discharge and over-charge protection
Braking method Electronic brake + Disc brake
Light Headlight + Taillight

* Note:

1. The above data are from the Ninebot Laboratory. The actual data in use may be affected by factors such as the rider’s habit, terrain and temperature;

2. Typical range: The data is obtained when cycling at a constant speed equal to 60% of 25km/h on flat and hard road under fully charged condition with a load of 75kg at an ambient temperature of 25°C. The actual range varies depending on a series of factors, such as speed, number of starts and stops and ambient temperature;

3. Operating condition Range: Simulate the actual conditions and ride under the condition of full power, 75kg load, ambient temperature of 25 ℃, tire pressure of 40-45psi, measured at the maximum speed on a flat and hardened Road, the actual range will be different according to different weight, temperature, road conditions, etc.

4. The product pictures displayed on our site are all schematic diagrams of structure and functions, and are not taken in kind. Pictures for reference only, subject to our available products.

5. It is recommended to ride kick scooters only on flat and hard roads, avoid obstacles and roads that are not easy to ride on ( including but not limited to wet and slippery ground, loose sand and gravel ground, ice surface ). If you encounter speed bumps, bumpy roads in actual use, do not pass over them at high speed, keep medium and low speeds (5-10km/h), and bend your knees a bit to better adapt to the complicated road surfaces;

6. Refer to local traffic regulations for specific road rules, and it is recommended to ride in closed spaces ( such as inside a community, parks, special venues ).