Ninebot KickScooter E22

Instant attraction at first sight

Inherits the design concept of attractive appearance acknowledged by iF Product Design Award of Germany. The main body is applied with the aviation-level aluminum alloy integrated bendable frame without exposed wires in the simple, fashionable and impressive style.

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Electric Brake + Mechanical Brake
9 Inch Dual Density Tire
20KM/H Max Speed
22KM Range
2.5W High-brightness LED light
15% Slope
100Kg Load
IPX4 Water-Resistant

One-Button Fold Up Body
Easy storage in less space

Weight of 13.5 kg, simple pulling and carrying by a single hand. One-button fold-up design, length of 112cm after fold up, easy for carrying on elevators, subway and storage in vehicle trunk.

Leading BMS technology

Leading BMS technology

Experience in safety management of 300m+ lithium batteries and 7-year technology iterative upgrading, “lithium battery safety management expert” exclusive to Ninebot.

3 Riding Mode

3 Riding Mode

Eco Mode: 15KM/H; Standard Mode: 20KM/H; Sport Mode: 25KM/H(With Expanded Battery)

Dual Density Tire

Dual Density Tire

Passed 5,000 km test, dual density tire, bring comfortable experience, flat free and maintenance free.

Aviation-level aluminum alloy frame

Aviation-level aluminum alloy frame

Lightweight and sturdy structure guarantees more riding pleasure.700 kg Strength test; 10,000 km Safe riding.

Ninebot KickScooter E22

Transportation is Also a Scenery

Shopping, Entertainment, Leisure

For safety transportation experience exclusive to Ninebot KickScooter

Expanded battery design

Additional battery increases range to 45km

With the highest speed of 25km/h

Note: Data from Ninebot Lab. Actual endurance varies according to temperature, terrain riders, etc.

2.5W high-brightness LED light 13.5-meter illumination range Safer riding in darkness

Shadow line illumination principle, light source focusing on the road surface without glare, safety with oncoming traffic

300W Hall brushless DC motor Fast start-up and strong slope climbing

700W Peak power of motor

30,000 hours Service life.

Bell as Gift

Bell by stirring
More riding safety

Dual braking system

E-ABS electronic brake + rear brake
Effective and safer braking distance
of 4 meters

High-brightness taillight

Taillight turned on automatically
following the front light
Alert for side and rear vehicles
Safer riding

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What People Say

It is the most convenient to ride the Ninebot KickScooter E22 which is more comfortable and has a good tire.Under the current situation, the use of public transportation to and from work and purchases may result in the spread of droplets and contact. Self-driving cars are relatively the safest way, but not everyone is able to drive to work. Therefore, one person, one car, light and compact, safe and fast electric vehicles and kickscooters have become the first choice for me during special times. If you have a 10km commute and need a lightweight transport that can weave between closely-packed traffic, consider this product .
E22 is a smart kickscooter that can be connected to a mobile phone APP, install the Segway-Ninebot mobile phone APP, not only can view riding data, turn on fixedspeed cruise, one-key lock car and other functions, but also know to love riding like you Partners, expand the social circle and share the joy of riding together. Cruise control is a very practical function. After it is turned on, the vehicle will automatically keep moving at the current speed. There is no need to keep pressing the throttle, which can reduce the tension and fatigue of hand control. The way to release cruise control is to press the throttle again, or brake.

Ninebot KickScooter E22

  • Leading BMS technology
  • Dual Density Tire
  • Aviation-level aluminum alloy frame